114th RC Aero Squadron
Grapevine, Texas
AMA Charter 1318
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About Us

The 114th RC Aero Squadron is a not for profit organization of dedicated modelers, hobbyists, and enthusiasts of the radio control hobby.  Our members primarily fly RC helicopters and planes, both gas and electric.  Recently we are seeing a large shift to electric flight, but "gassers" are welcome as well (see noise constraints on the FIELD INFO page).

We are basically about having fun and socializing around the RC hobby, and welcome anyone to come to the field (member or not) to hang out with us.  We do not hold any serious contests or races, but we do host several fly fly events each year.  All of our fun flys are just that - FUN FLYS.

Saturdays are the "big days" for us typically.  By common convention the heli guys have the field in the morning, and the airplane guys have it after that ("changeover" starts to occur around 11am or so).  However, both types of aircraft can also be seen flying at the same time as well, and our field size supports this.  Many flyers fly both types of aircraft in fact.

If the weather is cooperating, take a look at the website and the cameras and you will likley see some of us flying.  Come by and say hello.

In addition to our RC activities, we consider ourselves part of the local community and participate in, or host, various non-profit events such as Grapevine Outdoor Kids Adventure Day and  SantaCops (toy collection for Holiday toys for the disadvantaged).

Several of our member are regular contributors to E-Zone reviews on RCGroups.com.

We do have bylaws as well as some rules of conduct.  All persons who intend to fly remote control aircraft or helicopters at the 114th RC Aero Squadron flying field are REQUIRED to be a current member of the Academy of Model Aviation (AMA). A current AMA membership card or current 114th RC Aero Squadron membership card must accompany all persons engaged in flying or operating a remote control vehicle on the field property. This is a requirement of the Corps Of Engineers (from whom we lease our field) and applies to everyone (members and non-members).  More information on our field can be found by clicking on the "FIELD INFO" link above.

2019 Officers and Appointed Positions:

President - Mark Haman
Vice-President - Dewey Walker
Treasurer - Wendell Hubbard
Secretary - Scott Millspaugh
Safety - Jim Case
Member at Large - Tim Francis
Past Presidents - Darrel Barabash, Mark Haman, John Lott
Public Relations - Mark Haman
Newsletter - Mark Haman
Membership - Mark Haman
Webmaster - Doug Boss, Larry Hilgert
Field Maintenance - Tim Francis

Each of the above can be reached via the CONTACT page.


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